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Dear alumni,

Hello and welcome to the Naval ROTC Vanderbilt webpage. As commanding officer, I hope that those of you who are not familiar with NROTCVU will take the time to learn more about the outstanding young men and women who have chosen to serve their country after graduating Vanderbilt. For our NROTCVU alumni, I hope that you will agree that we continue to maintain the high standards envisioned by Captain James “Jimmy” Stahlman when he founded our unit in 1946.

As has been the case since its beginning, NROTC Vanderbilt emphasizes academic excellence, physical readiness, strength of character and professional development in preparing our midshipmen for the challenges and demands they will face as junior officers in the United States Navy and Marine Corps. This disciplined regimen has proven to be most successful, with Vanderbilt proudly boasting four active duty admirals with an additional five admirals on retired status. The unit currently consists of about 50 midshipmen, 30 percent of whom are women.

NROTCVU is quite active on campus, with midshipmen holding positions in student government, participating in both varsity and club level athletics, and maintaining an active presence in Vanderbilt’s many student and Greek organizations. The unit also continues to participate in such time-honored traditions as the Tulane University Invitational Drill Competition, Notre Dame Leadership Symposium, the Marquette University Nursing Symposium, and of course, our annual Army-Navy football game.

More recent unit initiatives include the annual NROTC Vanderbilt National Security Symposium, which is held each fall during Reunion/Homecoming, and the “Run for the Veterans,” which is held each spring. Both events are jointly sponsored by the unit and the NROTC Vanderbilt Alumni Association. The National Security Symposium has quickly become one of Reunion/Homecoming’s marquee events, with former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Richard Myers keynoting our fall 2011 event. Our spring “Run for the Veterans” 5K is focused on providing assistance to Fisher House of Tennessee and other organizations focused on the care of our veteran community.

Please feel free to stop in for coffee and a tour of our spaces the next time you’re near campus. Those who have not toured the unit in some time will be impressed with the effort our midshipmen have put into making their spaces better. I would also love to sit down over coffee and get to know each of you, should you have the time.


Capt. Jamie Hopkins
Commanding Officer
Professor of Naval Science
Naval ROTC
Vanderbilt University