GOLD Class Agents

As a GOLD Class Agent, you will help foster meaningful class identity and connect your classmates to Vanderbilt. Your enthusiastic support of the university will encourage alumni participation and promote philanthropic support from your classmates. You will also have the opportunity to make a big impact for Vanderbilt not long after graduation.

Become a Class Agent

GOLD Class Agent Guide


Class agents are leaders that keep young alumni connected to Vanderbilt.
It's a personal approach, because it's personal to them.

68% more young alumni donors in 2014 than 2011

Class years represent 2005-2014

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GOLD Council

The GOLD council helps improve philanthropic support of the university among GOLD alumni. Council members help to shape communications, guide volunteer efforts and directly impact dollar and participation goals.

  • 2006 Rachel Fendell Satinsky
  • 2007 Corey Ponder
  • 2008 Sara Simonds, President
  • 2009 Courtney Hess
  • 2010 Andy Enkeboll
  • 2011 Alex Longstreth
  • 2012 Clare Sweeney
  • 2013 Shelby Begany
  • 2014 Natalia Alvarez
  • 2015 Curry Clements