Student Alumni Board

Main focus:

The Vanderbilt Student Alumni Board (SAB) serves as a conduit of connection where Vanderbilt students engage with each other and with VU alumni, to create meaningful community and a lifelong relationship with Vanderbilt.


The Student Alumni Board (SAB) is a team of students specific to each class who design and implement (with the help of an adviser from the Office of Alumni Relations) the class building/alumni involvement activities for each undergraduate class. SAB has four boards—one for each class.

Program traditions include:

  • Seniorfest: Class-building tradition on Alumni Lawn, where seniors kickoff their final year claiming “Almost” Alumni Lawn with food, music, T-shirts and more.
  • Junior Networking Lunch: Informal networking lunch connecting juniors and alumni of various industries.
  • Fall into Service: Off campus opportunity for juniors and alumni to serve a local nonprofit and connect with each other.
  • Sophomore SlamDunk Tailgate: Class-building tradition for the sophomore class to enjoy free food, prizes, and more while cheering on the ’Dores in Memorial Gym’s elite Admiral’s Room.
  • Freshman–Senior Dinner: Dinner for first-year students and seniors in the spring semester. All first-year students are invited. Seniors are selected to share their advice to the first-years (i.e. what not to miss, what to miss, highlights of VU experience).
Current board members:

SAB Class of 2018

Christina Albert
Zain Ali
Riley Bitterli
Ryan Connor
Hunter Gabel
Colleen Gruendel
Emily Hernandez
Clee Malfitano
Lauren McCabe
Annalise McDonald
Ethan Mellin
Meg Phillips
Morgan Reed
Olivia Schultz
Shreya Shanker
Katie Williamson
Kevin Zhang 

SAB Class of 2017

Margaret Devereux
Stephen Russell

Sahil Batra
Alyssa Blanchard
Kristen Brady
Claire Deaver
Gerard Franks
Annabelle Friedman
Jenny Henderson
Hilary Horvatits
Natasha Raskin
Meredith Sight
Nicole Swalwell
Kendall Tamler
Zachary Ullman
Amanda Schifino

SAB Class of 2016

Leslie Bruce

Becky Allums
Christie Bok
Alice Contopoulos
Nick DeNuzzo
Harrison Ebeling
Sam Erlinger
Paul Fentress
Katie Greaves
Nate Heagney
Mary Alice Sherman
Lucy Stone
Fallon Thompson
Ali Von Deylen
Emily Veillette
Curtis Wegener

SAB Class of 2015

Robert Long
Margaret Waites

Class of 2015 Board
Illana Baron
Austin Brown
Catherine Brown
Matt Damstrom
Katie Estopinal
Alix Forstenzer
Teddy Klemmer
Kate Moody
Andrew Walther
Matthew Wilkes
Sarah Hendrix
Madison Hufford
Clark Jacobs